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Conflict Management and Physical Interventions

You must complete a conflict management training course prior to training in physical interventions.

Conflict Management training is scenario designed and can be developed for any sector based on staff experiences.
Conflict Management training courses are suitable for anyone who is at risk of abuse - threats or assaults whilst working in any front-line role.

Conflict Management training course

Personal Safety Training is something that employers need to consider when their staff work in any role that exposes them to potential conflict or dealing with challenging behaviour where they are subject to abuse, aggression or violence. This conflict management course is suitable for NHS Health workers, part of Security training courses, Civil Parking Enforcement Officers training courses, Environmental Enforcement Officers training courses and most public service staff and lone workers would benefit from this training. 

Staff need to get into character to avoid conflict situations becoming personal.

Whether staff  work in the private or public sector, are lone or remote workers, or even if they work in call centres and deal with difficult telephone calls. If they are in a position where they are delivering unwelcome news, reprimanding people for unacceptable behaviour, enforcing legislation by issuing notices, withdrawing services or have to visit people in their homes or workplaces. If they work within the care sector, social services or support people with learning disabilities. Even in  the education sector, working with young adults or children or work within the mental health or substance abuse sectors, suitable and sufficient consideration must be given to the risks that staff face.

A scenario based Conflict Management course is perfect for anyone who works within any of theses sectors.

Our conflict management training courses will help your staff to get into character. We can prepare them to deal with conflict situations

Our Physical Interventions are only ever used as a very last resort and are based on the use of non-aggressive and non-pain compliant methodology.

Physical Intervention training courses

Physical Intervention training should only be undertaken with or after attending a conflict management training course and is intended to provide candidates with a much wider range of non-aggressive and non-pain compliant options for the efficient and proper handling of common situations which may involve any kind of a physical contact with people who need help with moving or to help with the safe movement of aggressive people.

Our physical intervention training course does not focus on techniques to cover every kind of possible physical contact situation, rather it provides a solid foundation, knowledge and skills to drastically reduce any kind of risk to the customers and staff during any kind of a conflict situation.

This type of training is mandatory in the level 2 Award for Door Supervisors training courses, our physical intervention training course can be designed for any sector.

Physical Intervention Training covers:

The legal and professional implications of their use.

How to reduce the risk of harm when any physical interventions are required.

Use non-pain compliant physical skills to protect yourself and others from assault.

Use non-pain compliant moving, disengagement, holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills.

We also include procedures to follow during and after physical interventions.

All aggressive situations need to be reported and risk assessed properly and ihysical intervention training aims to deliver this training to public and private sector employees.

Conflict management and combined physical interventions designed for security staff, healthcare workers, such as hospital porters and security officers, environmental enforcement officers and anyone who may be tasked with the safe holding and escorting of individual trespassers.

Combined Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Training courses over 2 or 3 days

This course combines the knowledge gained during your conflict management training course where we teach you how to use conflict avoidance techniques to diffuse situations, prevent them from escalating and the use of exit strategies to eliminate the need for physical interventions.

Once you have exhausted your conflict management strategies or acts of physical contact have or are about to take place, your physical intervention training can be used.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to use physical interventions as a last resort, our training can show you how to engage in a non-aggressive manner.

2 or 3 day courses are available depending on risks involved, your sector and previous experience of employees.

Please contact or call on 07958350282 for further information.

Conflict Management & Physical Interventions: Resume
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