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Customer Care

Customer care courses can be created to suit any particular sector

What is Customer Care?

Introduction: This course will refresh your skills and teach you how to “Get into character”. This will help to deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by working through and demonstrating basic customer service interactions.

Customers are the reason why most people have a job.

They are the people you come into contact with during any given day.

Customers are not only the people who you may serve, they are also the people you work wit.

In other words, everyone you come into contact with are customers.

Who should attend this course?

All employees who work in a front line role and come into contact with your customers.

Customer services are one of the most important aspects of any organisation. It’s not just a question of responding to people, it’s about how you respond. It’s also about doing what you know you need to do and why you need to do it. This course will help you respond better to any person who approaches.

All customer care training should be based on company values and standards.

What will you learn? It's not just what you say; it’s all about listening and then the way that you say things that can make a difference.
You will understand how to “get into character”, this will help you "Act" in a professional manner and do a better job. It is what your organisation expects.

Customer care course content

What are the public’s perceptions of you, your colleagues, your organisation, your department and your job role?

  • Understand how effective communication skills can influence behaviour

  • Understand motorists - ensuring they can understand you

  • Make them feel welcome and valued – Understand when to use your body language as well as verbal skills

  • Consider your customers' feelings, demonstrate active listening and choose the best way of structuring your answers

  • Decide when and how best to offer help, demonstrate active listening

  • Go the extra mile and offer something extra, beyond your customers’ expectations

  • Look to create a win-win situation and know that you have tried your best to create a positive outcome

  • Understand how to deal with conflict if things go wrong

  • Self-awareness - Attitude and behaviour cycle: Triggers – Inhibitors – Emotional and Rational mindsets

  • Communication skills

  • Identifying positive and negative behaviour

  • How to “Get into character”

  • Learning from each other

Achievement: After this course Management will expect to see a reduction in customer complaints and an increase in customer compliments and satisfaction.

Customer Care course: Resume
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