Environmental Enforcement Officer training COURSE ON HOLD. UPDATE EXPECTED MARCH 2022

Neighbourhood or Community Wardens, Parking Enforcement Officers to offer dual Civic Officer role.

Helps to understand and how to deal with general littering, dog fouling, fly tipping

Environment Enforcement Officer training course

Local Authorities have been taking on new powers from the police for over 20 years. Powers under the Environmental Act gives Councils the power to enforce environmental regulations by issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) (Criminal offences). The enforcement of these regulations must be accurate, fair, consistent and must be enforced in line with appropriate legislation and procedures.

Environmental Enforcement Officer training course

Environmental Enforcement Officers responsibilities

Environmental Enforcement Officers issuing the FPN must be fully aware of the legal and procedural background and able to deal politely and positively with often irate members of the public.  If an FPN is contested then the issue goes to court with witness statements and witnesses in person providing evidence.
This means that the environmental enforcement officers must have the technical and personal skills to efficiently carry out a wide ranging job in what can often be challenging circumstances.

What Environmental Enforcement Officers will learn

The Environmental Enforcement Officer training course covers the knowledge and skills required to deal with,

  • Dog fouling and dog control

  • Fly tipping

  • Littering

  • Public space protection orders

  • Anti social behaviour

  • Issuing an FPN

  • Evidence gathering and witness statements

  • Conflict management

Our Environmental Enforcement Officer training courses are run by our experienced instructors within your workplace. 

We can travel to any location within the UK fully equipped with all resources.