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Door Supervisors - Civil Parking Enforcement Officers - Environmental Enforcement Officers -Personal Licence Holders


Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

"Great teacher with years of experiences a very enjoyable course".

"Great instructor, great information, lots of stories relevant to First Aid, a fun way to learm and remember thanks". 

"Made easy to understand, lots of stories and different ways of dealing with scenarios, would highly recommend".

"I was worried about doing this course and about the exams, I cant believe how easy the exams seemed to be and this was down to the tutor who kept my interest throughout".


Level 2 Award for Civil Parking Enforcement Officers

" A fantastic course delivered by Peter who understands exactly how to do this job, his knowledge, experience and communication skills hold your interest throughout, thank you Peter"

"I didnt think i would pass this course but the training was delivered with such humour that i was surprised at how much i remembered, brilliant course"

"I think every Civil Enforcement Officer should attend this course. The training and in particular the conflict management training was superb and will help me do a much better job"

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Environmental Enforcement Officers, including Conflict Management and Physical Intervention training

" I have been on courses with Denis in the past and Peter has also made this course fun, interesting and very enjoyable with some new physical intervention moves that are so easy to use and remember".

" All Environmental Officers should do this course. The conflict management and physical intervention training was absolutely brilliant".

" Dealing with people can be difficult but knowing how to "Act" and recognising danger and not getting personal or taking things personally was made to look simple, cant wait to try".


Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders

"Ive been working in pubs for years and thought this would be just another boring course, it was excellent and made realistic, it will help me be more polite to people and has given me some great ideas to take back to the premises to pass onto staff, thank you".

"The handbook was an easy read and with the support offered without attending a course it made it a lot easier to pass the exam".

"Thank you Peter, you made it very simple for me to understand and how to get my licence, you are welcome anytime".

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