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The New Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement officers is under development with The British Parking Association and City and Guilds as main partners.

1 Stop HSE Training Parking Enforcement training courses will courses will be delivered as normal but over 3 days where we will continue to assess competency, conduct examinations and offer certification. A 4th day will be completed to refresh the 3 days and conduct City and Guilds examinations once the new course has been developed and approved.

CIWM Level 2 Award

Our Managing Director was part of the original British Parking Association and City and Guilds steering group who created the first ever Civil Parking Enforcement Officer training course in the UK. He is available to travel to any location to deliver your training.

Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers

This course has been designed to take Civil Enforcement Officer training to the highest level of realism. It will help officers understand how to deal with motorists or members of the public who may be angry by their presence or to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice to their vehicle, in the most professional manner by using all options available to them.

It will build confidence, understand human behaviour and how to remain safe in escalating conflict situations.

Unit L2P2
Roles and responsibilities of civil enforcement officers operating under traffic management legislation (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

This section covers on-street and off-street contraventions.

Outcome 1: State the background to current civil parking enforcement legislation
Outcome 2: State and know how to apply contravention codes
Outcome 3: State parking exemptions and their application
Outcome 4: Record information for vehicle identification
Outcome 5: Procedures for issuing PCN’s & supporting evidence
Outcome 6: All stages of the appeals process

Outcome 7: Safe and effective working practices

Unit L2P1
Managing conflict in the enforcement of parking control and management

Unit 1: Conflict Management is based on 3 units of outcome based on learning from L2P2 (Unit 2).

Outcome 1: Assess & Reduce the risk of violence in the workplace of civil parking enforcement officers

Outcome 2: Identify behaviour that indicates an escalation towards violence and take  appropriate   measures to avoid and calm or defuse a situation

Outcome 3: Identify post incident support and report the circumstances to provide information for personal and organisational training.

This Conflict Management programme is scenario based and completes our civil parking enforcement officer training course and will help to demonstrate learning from Unit 1 and practice what they would do during a real life incident.

For a Civil Parking Enforcement Officer to achieve the CIWM Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers qualification, each Civil Enforcement Officer needs to pass multiple choice examinations for both Unit 1 and Unit 2 and will leave this course will a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities under section 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Level 2 Award for Civil Parking Enforcement qualification.

We advise conflict management refresher training after 12 months for all new officers. Then every 2 years with a combination of conflict management and customer care when a certificate of attendance for a combined course will be issued.

Level 2 Award for Civil Parking Enforcement Officers: Resume
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